The Adventure Seekers programme has been designed to give children between age 6 and 8 the opportunity to learn new skills in adventurous activities. The programme is based in our Boiler House Activity Centre; each day runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm and is split into 4 activities. If you would like more information on a specific activity then please click on the link to the C I Adventures main website, where a description of all the activities that we offer is available.

Prices are £20/day or £90/Week(5 days) or 75/Week(4 days when Bank Holiday) to book you can fill out our online form or phone 01422 410727 for more information.

What shall I bring? Participants are asked to bring clothes that they don’t mind getting a little dirty, a coat, a packed lunch and a drink. All the specialist equipment for the activities is provided.

Summer Holiday 2018 Timetable:
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WeekDayDateMonthActivity 1Activity 2Activity 3Activity 4
1Mon23JulyCircus SkillsJacobs LadderFood ForageBouldering
1Tue24JulyLow RopesOrienteeringDen BuildingHigh Line
1Wed25JulyZipwireDam buildingGeocachingFrisbee Golf
1Thu26JulyArcheryLog ChallengePioneering PolesMountaineer Challenge
1Fri27JulyClimbingCrevasse CrossingVew Do BoardsScavenger Hunt
2Mon30JulySearch and RescueGroup SwingNature CraftsTree Tops
2Tue31JulyStreet SurfingEgg DropNight LineLadder Climb
2Wed1AugScooters/BikesAbseilingArtificial CaveSlack Line
2Thu2AugOver the WallPond DippingChallenge GamesLeap of Faith
2Fri3AugCircus SkillsJacobs LadderFood ForageBouldering
3Mon6AugLow RopesOrienteeringDen BuildingHigh Line
3Tue7AugZipwireDam buildingGeocachingFrisbee Golf
3Wed8AugArcheryLog ChallengePioneering PolesMountaineer Challenge
3Thu9AugClimbingCrevasse CrossingVew Do BoardsScavenger Hunt
3Fri10AugSearch and RescueGroup SwingNature CraftsTree Tops
4Mon13AugStreet SurfingEgg DropNight LineLadder Climb
4Tue14AugScooters/BikesAbseilingArtificial CaveSlack Line
4Wed15AugOver the WallPond DippingChallenge GamesLeap of Faith
4Thu16AugCircus SkillsJacobs LadderFood ForageBouldering
4Fri17AugLow RopesOrienteeringDen BuildingHigh Line
5Mon20AugZipwireDam buildingGeocachingFrisbee Golf
5Tue21AugArcheryLog ChallengePioneering PolesMountaineer Challenge
5Wed22AugClimbingCrevasse CrossingVew Do BoardsScavenger Hunt
5Thu23AugSearch and RescueGroup SwingNature CraftsTree Tops
5Fri24AugStreet SurfingEgg DropNight LineLadder Climb
6Tue28AugOver the WallPond DippingChallenge GamesLeap of Faith
6Wed29AugCircus SkillsJacobs LadderFood ForageBouldering
6Thu30AugLow RopesOrienteeringDen BuildingHigh Line
6Fri31AugZipwireDam buildingGeocachingFrisbee Golf

Please Note: Whilst we will endeavour to do the activities in the programme, there may be circumstances such as adverse weather where it is not possible to undertake the programmed activity. In such circumstances alternative activities or programmes will be offered. Please read the terms & Conditions section for more information.